PEN-WRITE ACADEMY is the brain-child of Pen-Write Communications, providing quality education to all without any barrier whatsoever, in a global classroom without walls.
  • To support schools in integrating technology into teaching and learning
  • To propagate the gospel of success by integrity through independent study
  • To empower youth for intellectual independence
  • To move academic services from the conventional to a modern technology status
  • To provide our students with 24hrs access to 21st Century education in the comfort and safety of their homes from anywhere in the world.
  • To prepare school for Online contact in case of restriction of physical presence.
This is a Home-School facility to give students access to comprehensive and unlimited resources online for independent study in all subjects. The Academy contains detail content of all topics in all core subject areas for Science, Art and Commercial subjects. All topics are comprehensively treated in lesson presentation format with relevant links for further studies, practice tests for evaluation purposes, pictures and graphics display are commonplace and video demonstrations (where applicable) are used to concretize learning. 

Pen-Write Academy can be accessed online via subscription by schools (Corporate) who in turn give access to their students/candidates as they please. The LMS platform can also be installed on school server (where available) to provide the same service offline but will be limited to the school environment.

Creative in Technological Integration into Teaching and Learning..

Pen-Write Academy tagged “Education Without Borders – A Classroom Without Walls” was initiated to provide world class education to the new generation of English-Speaking West African students in line with the 21st Century advanced technology based on the West African Examination Council Syllabus integrated with the British Curriculum; so that they can have access to knowledge anywhere, anytime and on any learning device.
Our Products and Services are designed from an insiders perspective and whole school management experience to support Students and Schools. 
We give free consultation and need assessment to schools with an objective analysis report.