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Pen-Write Communications is first and foremost an educational consultancy firm with a decade of experience in whole school management, designing programmes and executing projects that can enhance the full integration of relevant technology into the teaching and learning process at the most affordable cost. We have conducted various need assessment of low, medium and high-profile schools in Nigeria and Ghana to inform our product delivery to schools from an insider’s perspective.

We are in the age of a networked society where information technology in addition to its use in all spheres of human activity has been used extensively to record, store, and disseminate information in digital form. Information technology has converted the world into a global village. The revolution in the information technology sector is influencing education and the transfer of knowledge. Educational institutions are also changing to meet the demand put on them by this new reality.

Result production is key to the operations of any academic institutions and many conflicts between schools and parents in the past are traceable to errors in their child(ren)’s result.

To minimize error, the process and instrument used in producing result must not be too complex for the teachers (users) and should take into consideration all probable human errors that may arise in the course of result production.

It has therefore become imperative for all schools to have a platform for automated result production where human errors will be at its lowest.

It is on this premise that we present our simple solution Pen-Write Result Compiler (PRC) to your school for attention and consideration to further expose your teachers to digital production of result – a wave that is sweeping across all cadre of academics in compliance with 21st Century technology.

Assessment is key to the life of every academic institution but it can be tiring sometimes. As demanding as it is, parents will not appreciate all the efforts if any minutest error is discovered and it is not justifiable to make any mistake in a student’s result sheet.


The energy and time spent in marking Objective (Multiple Choice) answer sheets and the waste of material resources associated with it can be minimized if not totally eradicated.

Deliverables / Description of Project

Ø  Design a customized automated result production template for Your School.

Ø  Deploy the result template to your school after payment

Ø  Grant full access to Your School to manage the template.

Ø  Design and execute appropriate training and workshop for effective functionality on the use of the template for Your School staff.

Ø  Provide technical support to Your School on the use of the template.

Ø  Partner with Your School to train teachers on digital content delivery and technology integration in the classroom.


Overall Objectives

  1. To create a functional, cost-effective and easy-to-manage result template for Your School.
  2. Assist Your School to attain a 21st Century status with the use of impeccable result sheets.
  3.  To create a database of comprehensive results for Your School.
  4. To integrate 21st Century technology into the teaching / learning process for improved productivity on the part of your staff.

Mode of Operation

The Automated Result Template will be designed as a web-based online document which will run on your dedicated school server or ICT room where all data will be safely stored for security. The Template will be setup for Your School where teachers can visit when due to input their data, using the school facility while in school or their PC or Mobile devices while off campus.

The teachers will access the template via their email when granted permission by the head of school or principal by sharing.

All input into the template can be monitored from the source and the staff will be able to work on the cells and spaces open for them while other areas will be protected to avoid errors. Result Sheets on completion can be sent in PDF to parents’ email.


Planned Project Phases:

DURATION   -        4 WEEKS




PHASE 6         -           TRAINING, TESTING & DELIVERY   (1 WEEK)


Cost Implication

The cost implication for the project in a full package will be determined by the level of complexity in achieving a good design. Costing will be done after presentation of sample template:

Below is an overview of a sample standard costing

Above is a complete package cost which can be pro-rated based on chosen items that will determine the actual cost. The cost is also negotiable based on the size and status of the school.



Our Automated Result Template has the following unique features:

  1. Raw Data Input for all Subjects


  1. View Only Result Sheet Drawing Data automatically from other Documents


  1. Programmed Broadsheets


  1. Detailed Assessment Score Capture


  1.    Separate Control Sheet for Comments and other Data Input


  1. Control Spreadsheet for Verification before Printing

  1. Customized and Designed to reflect School Brand

  1. Attractive End Document for Customer Satisfaction



The Result Template software can also help to analyze result to identify the status of performance of both students and teachers, help to accurately determine the best students in every case for Prize winning and awards etc. It is also designed in compliance with international acceptable standard and National grading system.


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