Pen-Write Consultancy Service

We offer a complete whole-school evaluation assessment looking at curriculum. methodology, personnel, administration, motivation etc and recommend appropriately with a view to upgrade or help rebrand a school.
Having qualified and experienced staff or teachers is no longer enough to deliver on the noble job of teaching to children of this generation. A degree of compliance is required in ICT and E-Learning as well as a guage of teachers Emotional Intelligence (E.I).
To this end, we help conduct a comprehensive staff audit and classify school staff into different categories either for training, redeployment, upgrade or eviction.

Creative in Technological Integration into Teaching and Learning..

Pen-Write Academy tagged “Education Without Borders – A Classroom Without Walls” was initiated to provide world class education to the new generation of English-Speaking West African students in line with the 21st Century advanced technology based on the West African Examination Council Syllabus integrated with the British Curriculum; so that they can have access to knowledge anywhere, anytime and on any learning device.
Our Products and Services are designed from an insiders perspective and whole school management experience to support Students and Schools. 
We give free consultation and need assessment to schools with an objective analysis report.